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Social Media Is Now Essential Media

Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about TWSM (time wasting social media) but rather PSM (productive social media).  The big must have in that category is LinkedIn.  There are lots of ways to leverage your professional network and mine opportunities. I have a very large network of over 1,500 very carefully screened people. If I don't know you, then you are not on my LinkedIn. I am very strict with who qualifies to be in this close professional network and it has paid handsome dividends. When I ask my network for advice or resources, I usually get 10 or more very targeted and accurate suggestions. The list is long of great benefits of LinkedIn.

If you want some good tips, I suggest reading Guy Kawasaki's Ten Ways for Small Business to Use LinkedIn . I'm looking forward to meeting Guy this week as we are both speaking at the EO Global University in Southern California.

Remember, use PSM and dump the TWSM!

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  1. Concise, and to the point Mark. I would also like to add: When I realized that 5 out of  my last 5 coaching clients were not active in  any of the social networks, I changed my strategy to more networking, speaking engagements, and referral/affiliate marketing. I've gotten a few clients from Facebook, and mostly tire-kickers from Twitter.
    My client 'avatar' are business owners (usually over 40) with at least one employee. I'm finding these folks rarely have time for the incessant use of the social networks, namely Twitter and Facebook. I've gotten a few clients from Facebook, and mostly tire-kickers from Twitter.

    April 7, 2010

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