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Saying Goodbye to My Father – A Living Eulogy

I wrote this “living eulogy” for my dad in February 2012. I shared it with him when he was in the hospital. I wanted him to know how I felt about him while he was here. He liked it. Personally I never liked the idea of eulogies when people tell you how they feel after you’re gone. I wanted Dad to know it while he was here.  He left us April 27th after a 20 month battle with pancreatic cancer. I read this at his private family burial on April 30th and I wanted to share it with you.

DadBoysmeBedfordMy Dad is an amazing guy.  He was born in Europe, escaped the Holocaust as a kid with his family, grew up in Mexico. He spoke 4 languages before he came to the US and learned English. My Dad is an amazing guy.

He taught me so many wonderful life lessons. His dedication to hard work, honesty, integrity, friendliness and wonder at the world have shaped my worldview. In fact everyone who met my Dad was drawn in by his childlike curiosity, love of life and thirst for adventure. When I speak to his friends about him, a smile always comes to their faces. Even during his tough times, he was always there for me. His humor and caring were always part of him. He cares deeply about his family and friends and we always were his priority.

My Dad is a lot of fun. A great father to 3 of his kids, a dedicated husband to Cookie and an inspiration “grandpo” to my 2 sons. Dad shared his love of Mexico with us and it’s now a family tradition to savor the local sights, sounds, food and culture. My boys now share his same curiosity and love for the world.

We had so many great times together – trips to the beach as kids, Boy Scout camping trips, dinners together, bike trips in Pennsylvania, family trips to Mexico, Europe and Cape Cod. Every one of those times has helped me become who I am and I now share my thirst for learning with my family.

My Dad really taught me the true lessons of life as he battled cancer for the past 20 months. Throughout the surgeries, procedures, chemo, setbacks and medications, he told me he was thankful for “every minute”. His optimism and love of life helped him rise about the obvious pain and discomfort he suffered. He enjoyed so much and didn’t slow down – my sister’s wedding on Martha’s Vineyard, MG trips with Cookie and Liz, concerts and dinners in New York with Cookie, watching Liz graduate and start law school, Mexico Christmas trips.

He is my best friend. During the ordeal of his battle with cancer, we became closer than we have ever been. We shared great stories, thoughts we had never known about each other and lots of laughs. My Dad is an amazing guy. His lessons, passion and love will live on with all of us and I am proud and honored to be his son.

All my love,


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