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Roaring Out of the Recession – It’s about investment and growth

Here's a great outtake from a Harvard Business Review article on offensive and defensive strategies.  Do you have what it takes to invest and grow in this market? How do you steer the ship with fear all around? Who is there to be your co-pilot? This is when a great business leader, consultant, coach really earns his keep. I suggest buying the article

"What strategies can companies use to survive
a recession so that they’ll thrive
when it ends? A yearlong study suggests
that enterprises that cut costs by focusing
on operating efficiency even as they spend
more than rivals on marketing, R&D, and assets
are likely to be postrecession winners.
Companies that only cut costs heavily
during a downturn don’t flourish after it
ends. Neither do the few businesses that
only invest more than rivals during a recession.
Even companies that were doing well
beforehand don’t retain their momentum—
85% of market leaders get dislodged
during a recession.

Cutting costs while making investments
isn’t easy. CEOs must be disciplined about
costs and learn to spot investment opportunities
that offer reliable returns in reasonable
payback periods. If they get the mix
right, it helps them tackle short-run problems
and create a successful medium-term

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