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IPhone vs Blackberry Bold – an insider tip from an ATT guy

I got this (uneditted) email from an ATT employee who was selling his IPhone to get a Blackberry Bold. My Blackberry Curve died so I wanted to get one or the other.  This is one man’s opinion for what it’s worth. You decide what’s best for you. I’ll let you guess what my decision was…

Well debating on getting  on iphone  over blackberry bold is a difficult decision im not going to lie.  The iphone is a great device for media, as far as music, games, and all the applications that it has…If your looking more  for  using the phone for business then the blackberry bold is definatley the way too go. If you have already had the experience of sending and receiving mail through   push services   on your curve   then you will understand why  blackberry in general has the best emailing capabilities. The blackberry bold now has added the abilities  to see the whole  email  rather then just the  text of the email.  So any background images or javascipts  in your emails can now be viewed. I personally found it difficult to switching to a touch screen  keyboard. I have a ton of typos  and  I used to be able to send a text message  or send out my email in a matter of minutes on my Bold. With my iphone it takes twice the amount of time. Also the fact that you cannot send or receive picture messages or video messaging on the iphone is a huge downfall. That is a big capability  that is required on most my customers phones. Also battery life stinks on the iphone. On my bold i got about a day and a half on battery  and  on my iphne i start the day with a full charge and i am already putting the phone on charge again later on in the day. Basically the BB bold does everything the iphone can do plus a few more features that the iphone lacks. I gauruntee if your anything like me   if u get the iphone you will miss your blackberry terribly”

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