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Harvard Says – The key to business effectiveness is… FOCUS!

Focus, focus, focus. How many times have you heard that mantra? Well if you are a CEO, its mission critical to your success. As an entrepreneur who has built 3 businesses and been an executive in 2 large corporations I have seen what LACK of focus brings – utter chaos, missed goals and often failure.

What do President Barack Obama to CEOs of Pfizer, ConAgra and GE in common? They hone their agendas to keep on message. This is a great article from the Harvard Business Review

I have advised several of my CEO clients that REDUCING things you do will sharpen your focus. Find the top 3 goals, write them down then make a plan to stay accountable. (Hint: that’s where the coach is very valuable)  I am happy to work on that with you – that is if you can just put down the iPhone or Blackberry first!

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