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2 Great web tools for fast sites and slick presentations

As entrepreneurs and business people, we constantly are looking for faster, more effective ways to do things we need done – quickly. A big “thank you” to my friend Ron Merrill (Follow him on Twitter @ronmerrill) for showing me these 2 great free tools (premium versions are available for a small cost).

Most business people I know want to put up a good website quickly and without involving designers and programmers. Hey, that’s why my site is on WordPress (though I used a great designer Jen Hartford for my look and identity) Check out Moonfruit – SUPER easy to use and great results from my non-techy friends. This the drag and drop tool we’ve been promised since FrontPage that actually works!

Everyone wants a cool presentation. Most of us are sick to death of Powerpoints and wish we could do cool video trailers to make our points. Now you can with Animoto – super slick, easy to use.

Both these tools will help you get stuff done, fast and cheap!

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  1. Mark, Thanks for the “ink.” You are totally right about the drive to be faster and more effective. For me, it’s all about being self sufficient. Both of these tools give me more control, and as an entrepreneur I am a bit of a control freak. Who would have ever guessed?
    I owe you a Texas sized “thank you” as well. Our recent coaching session opened up a whole new world of possibility on my end. I trend to over analyze and you helped me focus. Your ability to strip away the complexities and focus on the basics is truly unique. While many “Gurus” pay lip service to fundamentals, you really have a knack for simplifying issues.

    August 26, 2009

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