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10 Tools To Grow Your Bottom Line in 60 Days – Presentation EO San Francisco, March 5th

More Info and Links To Help You Grow Your Bottom Line in 60 Days:

What Are Your Top 3 Goals This Year? – Without clear goals, its hard to achieve as you don’t know where you are headed. There are many ways to get there. I like writing your top 3. Research shows if you DON’T write them down, odds of achieving them drops 80%. Write them down NOW!

Tool #1 – Sell more! Here are some good resources
How to sell more during the meltdown
Tips to Sell more online
More online tips, how Customers Help You Sell More

Tool #2 – Open New Relationships – Who could really benefit from your product or service? Write down 10 possible relationships that can directly be a customer or indirectly bring you customers.

Tool #3 – Reduce Costs, NOW! This list of 51 Cost Cutting tips is 15 years old yet still very relevant.

Tool #4 – Increase your marketing budget – How much should you spend? Here are some examples and ratios

I’m a bit biased towards the Internet given my background however I think there are huge opportunities to use social media to profile yourself, company and solutions to the market for free.
1) Check out Twitter. If you don’t know about it see this get started NYT article Once you’re on board you may want a tool to manage your activities. TweetSum is good as is Tweetdeck
Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

2) Grow your social media database and network
3) Repurpose your aticles, info and opinions. Here’s how to do it.

Tool #5 – Get FREE publicity. Why? It makes you an expert, gives you and your product credibility, gets you leverage to speak at trade events (see Tool #6), oh yeh, and its FREE!! Here are some examples of how a simple product – a family guide for video games – got 2 primetime TV spots on NBC.

What does free publicity look like? Check these out:
NBC11 San Francisco Bay Area Morning Show Interview With Laura Garcia Cannon

Interview with Silicon Valley Business’ Brian Banmiller

Tool #6 – Attend an industry conference or trade show. Go find one now. Enough said.

Tool #7 – Upsell Your Customers and see what KISS’ Gene Simmons says about a being a rockstar and an entrepreneur

Tool #8 – Offer free tips, how to’s and newsletters to your audience. It can make money. A client built his entire lead generation business on this free education guide and its bringing in customers at an amazing pace. At GameDaily, we offered a free survey of gamers’ habits as an abstract and our partner, a polling company, sold the complete survey. It was a win-win for both of us, got us attention, credibility and a non-sales item for our sales team to discuss with clients.

Tool #9 – How do you get great sales people? You grow and train them. Everyone needs training and coaching – even Tiger Woods does – and he has 3 coaches! . Your team WILL benefit.
I like these guys:
1) Jack Daly – frequent EO speaker
2) Hutwaithe – the folks behind Spin Selling
3) Our SF EO colleague Tom Batchelder’s firm Perficency
4) Jim Collins – The man behind “Good to Great.” One of the top management gurus. This is a good diagnostics tool that’s free to print out.
5) Marcus Buckingham – I really like Discover Your Strengths. We did that program while I was at AOL and it was great.

Tool #10 – Get Healthy! Big take away, diet matters. The wrong stuff gets you sick, the right stuff makes you clear, focused and healthy. A great health, diet and information resource in one place I personally like Dr Mark Hyman’s books especially UltraMetabolism and the companion cookbook.
Family time is a HUGE benefit for you and your loved ones. TURN OFF the Blackberry, close the laptop and BECOME Present. If you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest The Power of Now. It helps us all, especially entrepreneurs, get some perspective and literally smell the roses.

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