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The Lesson For Corporate Innovation From the Malaysian Flight MH370 Crash

Watching bigger companies with huge markets learn and grow with startups is fun and rewarding. For the past 2 years, I’ve worked with 2 startups and an international accelerator at RocketSpace San Francisco where start-ups grow and big companies come for corporate innovation to grow their businesses through interaction with growing companies.  Most big companies think it’s nice to stay abreast of the startup scene but not doing anything is the safest path.  That all changed with  the tragic disappearance of Malaysian MH370 Boeing’s 777 – the stakes of ignoring the current technology trends are devastating.

Tech Tourism

Innovation is the way companies create new more efficient solutions to future opportunities, problems or markets (my definition).  There’s a big problem – many big companies pay lip service to innovation. They think meeting with cool young enterpreneurs in San Francisco will help them do innovative stuff in their businesses. In my experience interfacing with many of these large companies, most of the time it doesn’t work. These efforts are often little more than “tech tourism” that does not align the goals of growing companies and big companies. Now a glaring spotlight is on the air transport industry – my data is backed up everywhere so when I loose my phone or computer I get it back instantly. You can login to “Find my iPhone” and locate a $200 smart phone instantly. How can that NOT be the case with super high tech military and civilian aviation? This is where corporate innovation failed to keep up with the basic and important reality of cloud computing and data storage.

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