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“The experiences you’ve shared and introductions you’ve made are making a positive difference in our growing business.  You’re helping me build credibility with the people most critical to the success of our business.”

– David Beerman, CEO Mobywrap, Inc.

“In our initial coaching meetings, Mark was able to break through my ‘entrepreneurial overload’ and provide much needed direction, perspective, and a clear action plan. We saved $100,000 in our first month working with him. I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for a business coach.”

– Erik Huber, 613 Capital Management

“Mark Friedler is the key to our success for raising our $15 million Series B round. He contributed greatly to our valuation and strategy planning. His presence helped me greatly in the investor meetings and helped us boost the investors’ confidence level in making the investment into our company.

– Kevin Xu, COO

“Mark’s experience and the advice he has given have been invaluable to our business. He helps keep me focused and accountable which has made a big difference!”

– Michael Levine, CEO Pileated Pictures,

“Mark’s insight and guidance have been the leading factors in my career and personal resurgence. He has given me  clarity and focus to create a plan to thrive during the tough times in the luxury real estate market and the results are immeasurable. His positive energy is infectious. All the greats have had a mentor, a coach, to inspire and motivate.  It is during these difficult economic times that we most need a Mark Friedler in our lives for advice and support”

– Dave Purpora, VP Sales, Major Luxury Hospitality/Real Estate Company

“Mark helped us in prioritizing and honing our focus and saved us time and money. His no-nonsense approach helped us attain our business goal. He has been solid with follow-up and holding us accountable. Mark is a good listener and his guidance has been invaluable to both me and the company.”

– Randy Gordon, VP Marketing CNW Entertainment



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