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What Drives A Serial Entrepreneur? (And how do you compare?)

Do you want to know what makes Serial Entrepreneurs tick? See this interesting report and see how you compare 

Why Activision’s Bobby Kotick Is Completely Wrong On Social

The video game business is changing rapidly and it seems like several leading companies have lost their vision of why they do what they do.  The perfect storm of technology change, an economic downturn, and the explosion of social media


 has paralyzed many stalwart companies who have been leaders. So what’s next and what does this mean for all of the people who work in the business?


Make Black Friday Every Week – 200 Million Hours, an Entrepreneurial Plan To Boost Our Economy

Black Friday - Annual shopping bonanza. What if we turn the 200 million hours we spend shopping building businesses and opportunity, and make it a weekly event. Think of how we all could profit and drive our economy into "the black".

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The Cost of Bad Hires – $100 million for Zappos – and how to avoid it

People are the most valuable resource for a business. Many of us who build and run companies have had bad experiences hiring wrong.  Many leaders I know have 3 things that emerge often… Read more