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Make Black Friday Every Week – 200 Million Hours, an Entrepreneurial Plan To Boost Our Economy

Black Friday – the big post-Thanksgiving shopping day defined as the day retailers turn profits , going from the red to the black, and consumer get awesome deals. I was amazed to see the statistics about this day – and to a growing extent – CyberMonday where people plan and execute shopping strategies.

If you think about "Black" being about profits then it's a bit counter intuitive that so many people are so focused on spending money. Consumerism is a major driver of the American economy yet I think we have reached a tipping point. Most of us have a lot of stuff, many of us have too much. Does buying more stuff, even at big discounts, drive our economy? Or is there a better way to get the "Black" back in our economy?  The statistics state 50 million people will shop on Black Friday for an average of 4 hours. Many getting up in the wee hours to stand in line for doorbuster deals for cheap TVs, computers and the like. While that's great – (and who doesn't love a smoking deal on a new flatscreen TV?) – the flip side is that we have just blown 200 Million Hours on activities that do not help the economy long term.  We have worsened our China trade deficit gorging on cheap consumer goods. I have way too much stuff, way more than I need to live a happy life of abundance. Many of us do but we still waste our most precious resource – time – planning how to buy MORE.

What if that time were spend planning to grow existing businesses, or starting a new small business or getting more efficiency out of a lagging business?  What would the return of 200 million hours focused on being profitable return to you and our economy?

My New Black Friday Plan: Make EVERY Friday a Black Friday. I don't mean go out and buy more stuff. I mean create and build on a Black Friday. Create businesses, build opportunities, profits and a future for our society. We have "Follow Friday" on Twitter, why not commit to "Entrepreneurial Black Friday" every week? If we spend 4 hours a week looking to grow, build, improve, start something new, sell more stuff and build we will help us all bootstrap our economy faster. I like this as its not a government program, doesn't cost anything to do and unleashes tremendous economic energy. Let's figure out how to spread this idea and make it happen.

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