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Getting Yourself Ready to play in the Major Leagues for 2010

The new decade is here – what is it you want to achieve for your business and yourself? As I discuss in my seminars, it's all about being clear on your top 3 goals and your mission. Getting ready to play in the major leagues. Of the tens of thousands of players who play elite university/colleage baseball, only 5,200 make it to the minor league system and only 750 of them make it to the Major Leagues. The difference is so small at this level of play – a minor leaguer can hit an 85 MPH fastball consistently but a major leaguer can handle the 90+MPH pitches. What does it take for YOU to play in the Major Leagues of your business? Many of my clients have felt tired, burnt out or uninspired after 2009 which was a brutal year for many people. However the downturn gave us an opportunity to cleanse ourselves of baggage, waste, fat and excuses and focus on what we really want for ourselves and our businesses. I enjoyed this Business Week article titled "Why Victims Can't Invent Anything" by Michael Maddock – the point is that when the going gets tough, the tough kick some ass and get creative.  Bottom line, according to Maddock, is that if you complain about anything, you are playing the victim. Forget the complaints – look forward and map the vision of your dreams that will translate into actionable goals. I agree and I have seen with my clients (and even with myself) how fear can be a paralysis of the spirit of innovation. I am not suggesting you just charge ahead, damn the torpedos style, ignore risk and plunge head first. That would be reckless. Rather consider why it is you are doing what you are doing. Where does the passion meet the execution of your work? This Hedgehog (Jim Collins) , BHAG (Verne Harnish) or your "Why" (Simon Sinek) . I have worked with many entrepreneurs helping them set their top 3 goals. It's a fun process that clarifies the steps we need to take to execute on the bigger goals (I call these the "1 Foot Hurdles"). However when combined with the clear sense of purpose that the goals are propelling you towards the fulfillment of your business and/or personal fulfillment, this process takes on a deeper, more rewarding role in defining where we you want to end up and for what reasons. The outcome is greater commitment to achieving your goals. I wish you success in your endeavors to achieve your goals in 2010 and beyond!

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  1. Hey Mark,

    You are spot on with this synopsis of 2009/2010! Being in business is all about the excitement and passion for doing what it is you LOVE doing!

    2009 was a ‘special’ year for our industry (games) in too many ways to count them all. However, this was a time of change and tipping points. And all of those of us who have been in the business long enough to see this happen more than a few times, knows that these are the time of great achievement and creativity.

    2010 is going to see a lot of that creativity released upon the world and I think the thunder that results will shake the technology world to its core. We are going to see companies that have stood in the shadows explode on to the global scene and some of our most talented people producing products and services that will be life-altering for the masses throughout the world.

    January 13, 2010
  2. Hej Mark! 
    Jag skriver till dig på svenska för jag har förstått att du fortfarande håller de svenska språkkunskaperna vid liv 😉
    Du har så rätt Mark!
    Visst blir man fachinerad av hur det kunde gå så åt helvete under 2009. Läser man Jim Collins senaste bok så ter förklaringen sig ganska enkel. Att bygga ett starkt företag med starkt varumärke kräver starka rötter. Dvs ett företag som bygger på fokus, fokus och att man älskar det det man gör. 
    Jag blir mycket inspirerad av ditt sätt att beskriva vad som krävs för ett framgångsrikt företag och hoppas jag får möjlighet att dra nytta av dina erfarenheter längre fram. Jag hoppas dessutom att jag får möjlighet att använda dig som inspiration för att utveckla mitt eget företag. 

    February 1, 2010

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