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Sales, Marketing and Leadership Business Advisory

I’ve experienced the full range of business from bootstrapped start-ups, to VC funded and acquired to working in large enterprises both in the US and Europe. I started 3 technology companies, 1 consumer goods company and worked as an executive at 3 large media/technology/SaaS companies.

I believe helping people to be more successful and reach their goals is my highest purpose.

Whether as a company founder, leader, manager, advisor or coach, I love helping unlock the potential of creativity and excellence.

What does it take to build a great business? There are so many things that need to happen in a growing company.

  • Leadership: What challenges do you face as a leader? You can be the founder/CEO, COO, VP or a division or a senior director of a growing team. Management is an art, not a science. Every situation is unique and great leaders understand they need support and coaching to grow stronger.
  • Marketing – product-market fit, go-to market strategy, demand generation, planning, selection and use of marketing cloud systems, leveraging big data, content marketing and creation, metrics and sales enablement.
  • Sales – Who is your ideal client profile? How do you reach them? Do you have the right team? If not how do you test for that? I have a solution that can help you understand who is on your team and if they will be successful.
  • Team compensation – how do you optimize your sales compensation plans to give your team the maximum incentive while aligning with your business goals?
  • Go to market (GTM) strategy: After the deal is signed, how do you go to market and insure your delivery is flawless? How do you help build loyalty with your clients and turn them into advocates who recommend you?
  • Customer success: How do you celebrate your customers and highlight your mutual successes? Are case studies an integral part of your culture? Do they speak on your behalf?
  • Planning for growth: What does it take to scale up? How to compliment organic growth with acquisitions, partnerships and M&A opportunities. There is a whole host of options to take your business to the next level or prepare to be an attractive acquisition target.
  • It’s ALL about the people: I love working with smart, driven, passionate people who live their lives with integrity and purpose.
  • My most important rule: I don’t work with people I don’t get along with. I don’t care about how successful or rich you are because I believe personal chemistry is essential to build mutual trust and ultimately success. If we don’t get along for some reason, it’s nothing personal. We’ll both be happiest when the connection is good for us both.

If what I do resonates and you think my team and I could be helpful on your journey to the next level, please feel free to reach out and let’s have a conversation.

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